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NMVE Capital believes in establishing and nurturing long-term relationships with clients, whether originating deals or finding the right partner.


Our teams consist of technical, financial, marketing and structuring specialists. This allows us to conduct robust due diligence; feasibility studies and applied financial and economic modeling and analysis. We have strategic relationships with law firms, accounting and audit firms and other professional services, while proactively managing our independence. This allows NMVE to provide clients with a broad range of corporate advisory services.

Capital Raising

NMVE’s capital raising services offer the client a personalised interaction along the full value chain. We are able to assist start-ups, SMEs as well as large corporates to raise funds for most types of transactions. We have developed a large investor and funding network locally and internationally. These include Development Financial Institutions, Private equity funds and commercial institutions. .


We assess and analyse potential transactions highlighting the opportunities and risk to ensure that all parties are satisfied. NMVE is a highly networked company, which allows it to combine deep industry insight and commercial knowledge to ensure that all transactions bring value to your company

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