Our Services


The NMVE Capital team consists of professionals with technical, financial, marketing and structuring skills.

We have in addition strategic relationships with law, accounting, audit and marketing firms. This allows us to provide clients with a broad range of corporate advisory services spanning across many sectors.

Capital Raising

NMVE Capital offers the client a personalised interaction from start-ups to multinationals. We have developed a large investor and funding network internationally which includes DFI's, Private Equity Funds, Family Trusts and Banks.

NMVE Capital has developed financial models that can be easily adapted to simulate all types of scenario planning.


The NMVE Capital team manages Investments where equity stakes have been acquired in various companies. The evaluation of these investments is an ongoing process to ensure that they are maximised.

In advisory and capital raising, NMVE Capital also looks for investment opportunities within these transactions.

NMVE Capital believes in establishing and nurturing long-term relationships with clients, whether originating deals or finding the right partner.